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Work from Home

For businesses to effectively run a remote workforce, it's crucial to guarantee flawless voice communication. Equipping employees with the same, if not better, call-handling capabilities at home as they have in the office is the top priority

Most businesses surviving and thriving in this post Covid world we live in have acted quickly and made swift changes to the way they operate.  They prosper because they understand how important it is to keep the most critical infrastructure component, your phone system, working efficiently in this new economy.    


PrimeVOX is dedicated to helping the 71% of businesses being forced to adapt to this changing environment or face going out of business.  While working from home, employees must have the proper tools to perform tasks as though they were at the office and the most important of these is to guarantee seamless voice communications continue. 

Image by Cayley Nossiter

If your business is currently forwarding calls to employee’s personal mobile phone numbers, your phone system is outdated, and you are losing business either directly or indirectly.  If this is the case, you don’t have to struggle with this anymore because PrimeVOX can help.  Our system fixes the problem by offering a “free” softphone application that uploads and automatically configures itself to each specific employee on any smartphone or mobile device.  When you take advantage of the situation and upgrade your phone system to PrimeVOX you now can transfer calls seamlessly between users regardless of location or environment.  But the benefit doesn’t stop there, most all our features are “free”, and our service is so superior we only offer monthly contracts because we know you will be a PrimeVOX client for life!

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