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minimum System Requirements

What Your Organization Needs to Run PrimeVOX

 VoIP General



  • DHCP Boot Options Disabled

  • SIP ALG disabled

  • Packet Inspection/Scrubbing Disabled



  • POE for POE Phones

  • GigaBit or Greater Speed

  • Managed with Control


  • CAT5e or Greater

  • One Drop/Connection per Phone


Internet Speed

  • Shared Bandwidth

  • Min 100/10Mbps

  • Non-DSL

  • Dedicated

  • Min 50/50Mbps

Line of business

  • Software

  • Auto Dialer

  • Virtualized Firewalls

  • Virtualized PBX

  • Equipment

    • Auto Dialer

    • Firewalls

    • PBX

    Mobile/Tablet Softphone


         Age of phone

  • Two Years or Newer with Current Updates

        Cell Carrier

  • Preferred Carriers are AT&T/Verizon and associated resellers

  • Average or Higher Signal

  • Wi-Fi  ( Must comply with the above requirements )


     PC Softphones


  • Not Older than 3 years

  • Supported OS (Windows or MAC)

  • Audio Output / Input (exp. Speakers, Headphones, etc.)

  • Hardwired is highly suggested ware

          See Bria Min Requirements:  


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