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A Partnership Begins

"PrimeVOX Communications is proud to team up with the Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association (MMLA) to bring its individual and corporate members a resource in the telecommunications industry that specializes in digital phone service for businesses.  Our American-based customer support department provides world-class customer service, something that seems to be lost in most industries.  In addition, PrimeVOX offers more features at a significantly lower price than almost any other phone carrier in the U.S.  Furthermore, in 2021 PrimeVOX was awarded Most Reliable Business Phone Service Worldwide!"  -- Luke Escude, Founder & CEO

It's a WIN for Everyone!

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Luke Escudé
Founder & CEO


Since teaming up with the MMLA, now when you switch your phone service to PrimeVOX, we will donate 10% of your monthly phone bill back to the MMLA.  They have agreed to apply the 10% to your annual membership fee. This makes it a WIN for everyone!  You get the world's more reliable phone service, the MMLA receives your continued support and PrimeVOX earns another happy customer!    

  1. Get a Quick Quote from PrimeVOX

  2. Learn how much money you will save

  3. Switch to PrimeVOX and show your support to the MMLA

  4. Enjoy the World's Most Reliable Phone Service

Learn How Much You Can Save

National Brands that are Part of the PrimeVOX Family

"PrimeVOX has been one of AMPED Mentorship programs' most consistent and valuable partners for our community of doctors and the offices they represent. The communication with PrimeVOX has been solid over the last 4+ years, and their product and service to our program clients are unparalleled.”

Dr Jeremy Hess

Founder, AMPED


"We teamed up with PrimeVOX over a year ago to bring our nationwide network of Vet Clinics a reliable phone service that truly takes care of them.  Since this time, they have delivered what I consider to be a top-notch product with world-class customer service.  We couldn’t be happier with our relationship with them and would highly recommend PrimeVOX to anyone!.”

Rivers Morrell

President, EasyVet

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