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Powered by PrimeVOX Artificial Intelligence

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Most telecommunication providers use basic primary/secondary failovers, resulting in a potential for dropped calls and extended downtimes. PrimeVOX Communications leads the industry with our one-of-a-kind patented call redundancy technology.  Optimized with Artificial Intelligence, it constantly runs calls through multiple data-centers simultaneously and moves calls around in real-time to maximize call quality and uptime.

Our technology allows phone calls to travel all over the world very reliably and ensures the highest sound quality possible.  When needed, our A.I. Technology will take over and re-route calls in the middle of your conversation so that dropped calls become a thing of the past.  Additionally, it allows us to guarantee PrimeVOX customer calls are traveling to their destinations as quickly as possible, routing around outages and issues in real-time. Imagine your GPS re-routing your road trip across the USA so that you can avoid traffic and have a quicker, more enjoyable journey.  This is essentially what our technology does in an instant to maximize quality and minimize dropped calls.  Business phone service has never been more reliable!


  • Increased Security

  • Improved Call Quality

  • Reduction in Dropped Calls

  • Near-Instant Recovery from Global Outages


  • Improved Workforce Efficiency

  • Happy Employees

  • Pleasurable Communications Experience

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