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Business Phone Service from People Who Care!

Superior Platform / Superior Security / Superior Customer Service
Our Story

Founder, Luke Escude, started PrimeVOX Communications in the closet of a Dallas Texas carwash when he was only 19!  His goal was to create a business phone system of the future through which forward-thinking technology creates a better product and customers are treated with respect.  He did just that!

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Our Vision

PrimeVOX Communications is known as an industry-leading, hands-on partner, regardless of industry, all while providing a return-on-investment for our customers by offering detail-driven solutions through customized, well-integrated software and world-class customer service!

Our Technology

Our Patented first of its kind Artificial Intelligence Technology powers the PrimeVOX Communications VoIP platform in five data centers strategically  geographically distributed across the United States of America.  It allows our team to deliver the most reliable and secure business phone system on the planet!

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Our Story - Vision - Technology

How We Work

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We never set out to become a large organization focused on huge growth.  We actually feel that is the downfall of most phone service providers today.  They put too much attention on growth, lose track of taking care of their customers and forget about customer retention.  The PrimeVOX Team prides itself on focusing on our customers and providing them with the safest, highest quality and most reliable phone system in the world.  And we have!


We answer our customers" calls with a live person in just 3 seconds and average just one hour to resolve all customer requests.  (The rest of the telecommunications industry averages 18.1 hours.)  Our phone system simply works, and our Support Team understands customers want results, not extended wait times.

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We do not stop at just providing good phone service to our customers.  We push way beyond that with technologies like our Patented Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that powers the entire PrimeVOX Phone System.  It's so advanced it proactively monitors and reroutes phone calls in real-time from data center to data center so that poor call connections are avoided and call quality is always perfect.  A secondary effect of the call movement is security.  It's impossible for a hacker to intercept a PrimeVOX call because our A.I. always has it on the move!

How We Work
April 2021

PrimeVOX Communications accepts nomination
2021 Software & Technology Award from
New World Report Magazine

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